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Connecting Partners for Veterans and their families.

We're making connections and making a difference!

Statewide, local health departments are bringing together cross sector partners to share their growing capacity, expertise, and connections. They are building systems of whole community support around Veterans and their families. 

Since 2015, NALHD has trained over 800 participants at No Wrong Door trainings across Nebraska. Participants represent a range of sectors including: health care, education, law enforcement, community development, faith-based organizations, local and state government, and more. 

Rigorous evaluation indicates statistically significant improvement in the military cultural competence of participants.

The value of NALHD's unique VetSET Program has been nationally recognized by the VA Office of Rural Health, the National Association of County and City Health Officials and the Prevention Institute/Movember Foundation. Most recently, VetSET's role as backbone agency for the Nebraska Veterans and Family Task Force (NVFTF) has been recognized by the National Veterans Intermediary (NVI). The NVFTF has also been designated as the state's Community Veteran Engagement Board by the VA of Nebraska and Western Iowa.