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Support the work of Local Health Departments (LHDs).

COVID-19  During this Coronavirus emergency, the dedicated teams at LHDs across Nebraska are working to keep all of us healthy. Their goal is to flatten the curve - so that our hospitals and clinics are able to help our neighbors, family, and friends if and when they need care.  At the same time LHDs are working to stay on top of other disease surveillance activities and programs that their communities depend upon.

Many Nebraskans recognize the enormous efforts of their LHDs and are looking for ways to show their gratitude. Show your support with a donation today. Funds designated to a specific LHD will go to that LHD. Funds donated to NALHD will be managed by the NALHD board of directors and will be used to support the LHDs and their teams through this challenging time. Thank you!

Flatten the Curve

Make a donation. Complete the form below and designate your donation to go directly to a specific local health department (LHD) or make your donation to Coronavirus Fund to support all LHDs.

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